Curtis Ward & Associates is a multi-disciplinary international consulting firm offering specialized services to governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals worldwide.  

Led by the firm’s Founder & Principal, Ambassador Curtis A. Ward, the international consulting firm of Curtis Ward & Associates offers services to governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals worldwide. The Firm utilizes strategic partnering and teaming relationships which allow us to meet the highest expectations of our clients for comprehensive solutions in a timely manner. Our specially selected associates and strategic partners are supported by an extensive network of contacts with easy access at the highest levels of governments, regional and international organizations and institutions. The Firm’s guiding principle is to provide service with integrity, as we offer our clients the unique perspectives, knowledge and practical experiences derived from many years of service at the highest levels of governments, regional and international organizations and institutions, and the private sector on a broad range of issues germane to operating in a globalized environment. Our expertise spans issues related to geopolitical strategy and risk assessments; security and counter-terrorism strategy and capacity-building; democracy, rule of law, and governance; business and investment risk assessment; building business-to-business and business-to-government relationships; and intergovernmental advisory services.

Ambassador Curtis A. Ward

B.A., J.D., LL.M.

Ambassador Curtis A. Ward is an international lawyer and security consultant.  He is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Curtis Ward & Associates, LL.C.  He has extensive experience in: international affairs; security law, policy, and national security capacity-building; geopolitical issues; dealing with international and regional organizations; inter-governmental relations; and advising on international business relationships and development. Ambassador Ward has traveled extensively throughout the world, and has held meetings and discussions with high-level government officials and NGOs in numerous countries, including bilateral meetings with high-level government representatives from over 100 countries.

Ambassador Ward has provided consulting and advisory services to the United Nations; ECOWAS; Center on Global Counterterrorism; Caribbean-Central American Action; Security Council Report; the Geneva Center for Security Policy; governments, NGOs, and businesses, including eight months in West Africa leading a joint special UN-ECOWAS Mission. He has over thirty-seven years’ experience operating in the corridors of government in Washington DC, including representation of foreign entities.

A former Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the UN Security Council (2000-01), Ambassador Ward subsequently served for three years as the UNSC Counter-Terrorism Committee Expert Adviser on Technical Assistance for CT capacity-building and Liaison with Regional and International Organizations to develop CT technical assistance programs. He developed and coordinated the CTC’s global anti-terrorism capacity-building technical assistance facilitation program.  He participated in assessing governments’ compliance with Security Council mandated CT legislative and operational measures, and with other related anti-terrorism standards and best practices.

An eloquent and knowledgeable speaker, Ambassador Ward has made presentations, including as keynote speaker, at numerous conferences, meetings and seminars in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe on a broad spectrum of international and domestic issues; and has written and lectured on security, counter-terrorism, international sanctions, and numerous other issues, including at the NATO School (SHAPE)(Oberammergau/Germany); the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Center (Accra/Ghana); and the National Defense University (Washington/DC).

While on the UN Security Council, Ambassador Ward served as the first Chairman of the Security Council Working Group on Peacekeeping Operations; as member of a Security Council Mission to the Great Lakes Region of Africa; and as Chairman of the Security Council Ad Hoc Committee on the Brahimi Report on United Nations Peace Operations. He also served as Chairman of Working Group 2: Measures to Strengthen the Capacity of Sates to Implement Targeted Sanctions (Government of Sweden’s Stockholm Process on Implementation of Targeted Sanctions).

Ambassador Ward serves as Chairman – Governor’s Commission on Caribbean Affairs (State of Maryland/USA); and as  Member – Advisory Council, Sanctions & Security Research Program – a joint effort of the Fourth Freedom Forum and Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies to explore non-military means of enforcing international norms; as former adjunct professorial lecturer at the George Washington Elliott School of International Affairs; and current adjunct professor at the University of the District of Columbia Homeland Security Graduate Program.


Maj. Gen. John I. Simmonds

CD, CVO, RCDS (Ret.)

Maj. Gen. John I. Simmonds is a national security expert. He retired as Chief of Staff – the highest ranking military officer in the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) – after thirty-five years of distinguished military service. His service included command of the Army (Infantry Regiment), Army Reserve (Reserve Corps), Air Wing, Coast Guard, and Engineering Unit. As Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen. Simmonds was principal advisor to the Government of Jamaica on matters related to national security and disaster response.

Maj. Gen. Simmonds’ extensive training and experience in military and national security matters were utilized throughout his military career with practical application in the many military posts he held and assignments he undertook. His distinguished military service included employment of military-related management skills, with extensive experience in creating, developing, and executing strategic plans for assessment, consolidation and execution.  He has broad experience in assessing and evaluating security risks and providing solutions to meet specific security needs and requirements.

Maj. Gen. Simmonds received his military and leadership training primarily from some of the most prestigious military training academies and institutions in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; and also received specialized military and related training in other countries.