Geopolitical Strategy & Risk Analysis for Governments & Businesses

CWA employ critical thinking and experienced analytical skills to provide targeted geopolitical strategy analyses of national, regional, and international issues specific to the client’s needs and requirements.

Our team will:

  •  conduct studies that are related to bi-lateral and multilateral issues, and provide appropriate analyses, assessments, observations, and recommendations for governments and businesses;
  • provide advisory services in the planning and execution of program responses to these studies;
  • conduct risk analysis for governments and potential investors in targeted investment environments.


Security–Legal & Operational CapacityRisk Assessment and Solutions

The nexus between security and development, protection of the international supply chain, and the capacity to cooperate internationally on security matters, creates an imperative for countries to implement measures that enhance and maintain security platforms conducive to domestic and global trade facilitation and other economic activities; and which provide  protection of people within their borders and jurisdictions.

Also, lack of an acceptable regional security platform can impact adversely on the national security and business environment of each country in the region.

Thus the requirement of a security architecture which includes: legal and operational mechanisms that ensure a safe and secure environment for business and recreational travel, and for securing foreign and domestic investment; creating and maintaining border controls meeting international security and safety standards in seaport and airport security; ensuring the integrity and safety of the international supply chain; immigration management and control; land and coastal border surveillance and controls; and employing the best affordable technology to meet these critical security goals.

Our team’s services and expertise:

  •  provide assessments of domestic legislation to ensure compliance with international standards and best practices and treaty-based obligations, and advise governments on appropriate measures;
  • evaluate and analyze existing security architecture and operational mechanisms and provide ideas and solutions on security strategy designed to remedy deficiencies and improve security capacities;
  • advise governments, regional and sub-regional organizations on appropriate remedies, available technical expertise, and affordable state of the art equipment to meet specific needs;
  • conduct regional and sub-regional assessments and offer regional and sub-regional solutions that reduce regional security threats


Democracy, Rule of Law & Governance Capacity Building

Recognizing the many difficulties experienced by countries emerging from conflicts, and by countries with weak institutions and weak democratic and rule of law traditions, CWA offers advisory services to help governments evaluate, plan, and execute programs to develop and enhance democratic institutions and governance practices, including training in selected disciplines related to the rule of law and governance.

Our team will work with governments, regional and international organizations and institutions, as well as relevant non-governmental organizations, to forge essential partnerships to ensure results that are effective and compatible to each situation.