Inter-Government Relations Strategic Advice & Representation

A government’s need to communicate its policies in a coherent manner in order to avoid misunderstandings of policies or to affect the outcome of policy development related to its bi-lateral relations is an on-going challenge.  In most instances governments rely on its diplomatic personnel in the host country; and in some cases this exercise is carried out through direct involvement of government ministers and high officials with the diplomatic officials of the sending country.  However, for most countries, in particular those with limited diplomatic personnel without broad international experience and in-depth knowledge of host country political dynamics, the effectiveness of their diplomatic personnel are marginal with limited impact on policymaking and decision-making in the host country.  This is particularly true for the diplomatic corps operating in the complex Washington political environment.

CWA’s principal and associates have over thirty-seven years of experience operating in the corridors of government in Washington, DC/USA, and among business and diaspora communities in the United States.

Our team will:

  • provide advice, create plans and programs, and execute strategies for effective policy communication on behalf of governments in pursuit of their inter-governmental relations and to target audiences;
  • use its extensive expertise and outreach in different environments to liaise with critical decision-makers in government, private sector, and non-governmental organization communities on behalf of clients.


International Business Development

Employing broad contacts and specialized knowledge of the Caribbean, and West and Southern African regions, CWA can bridge the gap between a business potential and a business opportunity realization.

Our team will:

  •  provide business development facilitation, including by providing risk analysis and economic assessment of market and investment environment in response to identified economic opportunities;
  • employ the best available data acquisition and methodology, including in-country contacts and resources, to ensure the most current and precise observations, conclusions and recommendations;
  • use proven communication and negotiation skills to forge partnerships between business and host government, and between the investor and potential host-country private sector partners;
  •  provide advisory services to business investors on potential opportunities in selected host countries


International Sanctions & Trade Embargo Compliance

There are severe penalties for failure to comply with bilateral and multilateral sanctions and trade embargoes – sometimes with fines ranging in the hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars. While such sanctions violations or evasions are sometimes deliberate, businesses oftentimes are unfamiliar with this specialized area and find themselves inadvertently breaking the law, and suffering the consequences at great financial cost and restrictions on their business activities. With appropriate and timely advice, companies could save millions of dollars and protect their ability to do business internationally.  CWA’s principal brings an international economic law background and over thirteen years of sanctions design, implementation and enforcement experience to serve clients who wish to conduct international business transactions and relations without the risk of sanctions and embargo violations.